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State Organization

Karl C. Priest
West Virginia State Coordinator
141 Karmel Lane,
Poca, WV 25159

Parent Organization

Exodus Mandate
P.O. Box 6646
Columbia, SC 29260
Phone: (803) 714-1744

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  Build coalitions with West Virginia pastors, ministries, and denominations.
  Convey to West Virginia parents, grand-parents, and guardians that Christian Education is critical if we are to save a remnant of Christian children.
  Build Christian Education Renewal Teams (CERTS) to reach West Virginia communities.
  Educate West Virginians, in general, of the toxic nature of public schools.
  Organize Gideon Bands of West Virginians who will be intercessors, financial contributors, volunteers, and advocates for Exodus Mandate-West Virginia.
  Encourage a program of West Virginia "Home Schooling Family to Family" and West Virginia Christian School Parents Associations.
  Help Christian Schools insure they have a Biblical World View and solid academic standards.

  Karl Priest was a West Virginia educator for 37 years in Kanawha and Roane Counties. Four of those years were as a principal. He taught students from kindergarten through 9th grade, mostly as a math specialist, and spent his last nine years as a Junior High School and Middle School math teacher.
  Karl was part of what is arguably the first shot against public school decay during the 1974 Kanawha County Textbook Controversy. (For details see Karl's testimony at his personal web page: http://www.insectman.us/.) In 1975 Karl helped establish Fair Haven Christian School which is still an active school in the eastern part of Kanawha County. Karl has been a long time foe of evolutionism which God used to bring him to the position as volunteer State Coordinator for Exodus Mandate (http://www.exodusmandate.org/).
  "My experience of trying to get scientific facts taught has proven, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the public schools cannot be changed. Couple that with my observations of the dumbing down movement of public education confirms that classroom teachers are encumbered so heavily that there is no hope to improve the pitiful academic situation in public schools. Even worse, the public schools are controlled by the ACLU, teacher unions , and other left-wing extremists which make the public schools detrimental, even dangerous, to all children--especially Christian children."
  Karl is available to speak to any size group at no charge. For updates on Exodus Mandate West Virginia activities see http://insectman.us/exodus-mandate-wv/